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Want a fit body, a clear mind and a vibrant life?

It’s time to give yourself the nature-based nourishment you deserve.


Imagine how you would look, feel and think if you could nourish every cell in your body with EXACTLY what it needs.

I offer a variety of resources to help you make simple nutrition and lifestyle upgrades that will help you:

  • shed stubborn body fat
  • use food as medicine
  • establish a healthy relationship with food
  • boost confidence
  • improve resilience to stress


Nourish Integrated Nutrition Masterclass

In this 1-hour class, I will share simple nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you learn about which foods align with your body, upgrade your food quality, address nutrient deficiencies, and learn about non-food strategies that nourish your body and mind.


The Nourish Integrated Nutrition Guide

In this 28-page guide, I define the concept of integrated nutrition and tell you how you can give your cells get the nutrients they need through high-quality food. I also provide tips for lifestyle strategies that nourish the mind and body.


The Nourish 7-Day Meal Plan

This 36-page download includes a 7-day plan, recipes, grocery list and print-friendly pages. The only ingredients included in this plan are those that will nourish your cells and leave you looking, feeling and thinking your best!

Cost: $14.97


The Nourish Workshop

This 5-module course will teach you how to nourish your body for optimum and sustainable health.  You’ll learn how to nourish and heal with food, identify the foods your body was designed to eat, enrich your life with non-food nourishment, and create your own personal nutrition plan. 


Hey, I’m Karen.

I am a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and I help women implement nature-based nutrition and lifestyle changes so that they can:

  • achieve weight loss goals
  • live a stress-free life
  • look, think and feel their best