Registration opens August 2021!

Nourish your way to a fit body, a clear mind and a vibrant life!

The Nourish Workshop

This 5-module workshop will teach you how to nourish your body and mind for optimum and sustainable health.

Module 1 opens on March 30, 2021! 


In this module, I’ll teach you how to improve your quality of food and consume foods that your body was designed for.  I’ll also teach you my strategy for approaching tracking your food quantity by understanding where your calories are coming from (spoiler alert: I don’t believe in counting calories!)

In this module, I will guide you through my holistic health approach to nourishment and provide strategies to nourish your body, mind and life that don’t include food.  Examples include: joy, relationships, movement, daily routines, stress management, self-care and mental health. 

In this module we will take a deep dive into functional nutrition and discuss specific types of foods, herbs and nature-based supplements that can optimize energy levels, performance, physical health and brain function. 

In this module, I will guide you through the process of finding your ideal diet based on a variety of individual factors.  You’ll  leave this module with a personalized nutrition plan that will help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals. 

Once you have learned the most appropriate approach for nourishing your body and mind, I will provide you with practical ways to actually implement those strategies into your life.  


nourish and heal with food

identify the foods your body was designed to eat

improve your life with non-food nourishment

create your own personal nutrition plan

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