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"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Healthy Green Gift Guide: Eco-friendly gifts less than $30

Even though we are approaching the holiday season, these gifts are great for giving to a friend, family member or coworker life no matter what the occasion or relationship to you.  The items on this list are small gifts of appreciation for those people in your life that you want to spend less than $20…

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{healthy green recipe} orange pistachio muffins

I was at the airport the other day ordering a cup of coffee from one of the cafes and I saw these beautiful, green, pistachios muffins in the display case.   I was tempted to buy one because I love pistachio muffins but instead I left it in the case and became inspired to whip up…

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{healthy green recipe} pistachio butter

  I originally made this pistachio butter to go in my Orange Pistachio Muffins but it’s an excellent alternative to any nut butter to spread on toast, add to smoothies, or eat with a piece of fruit.   I also made the mistake of buying shelled pistachios and spent an hour shelling them.  I would highly…

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5 ways to process all of the feels

Emotions control our thoughts, behaviors and actions. We live in a society where negative emotions are perceived as “bad”. Well let me tell you a little somethin’ that I’ve learned about feelings: just because something is negative, doesn’t mean that there’s an element of wrongness.  a human has both positive emotions and negative emotions that…

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going through the change

One year ago today, I received a call that my dad was in the hospital with organ failure and I needed to get home ASAP. Over the past 365 days my heart has been ripped open and put back together different than it was before.  When I look in the mirror I look like the same…

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