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Healthy Green 3-Day Smoothie Cleanse (With Recipes!)

If you’re looking for a gentle reset after all the holiday celebrations, 3 days of delicious, dessert-inspired smoothies may be just what your body needs. These smoothies are meant to be filling, but if you want to add some healthy complex carbs like oats, sweet potatoes or brown rice then go for it! This “cleanse” isn’t meant to starve you, it’s meant to give you the most amount of nutrients possible over the course of 3 days to optimize your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms.

The recipes follow the same basic pattern of ingredients per serving which is 1-2 cups of liquid, 1 cup fresh leafy greens, a frozen banana, a serving of fat (nuts, coconut or avocado), and a flavor ingredient. Some of these recipes include a recommended (and completely) optional nutritional boost such as herbs, bee pollen, or spirulina.

Your blender will determine how smooth your smoothies are. All of these recipes assume that you have a Vitamix with the blending power of 2.2 horses. There’s really nothing on the market like a Vitamix but a high-powered blender with a lower price point such as this one, or this one, may do the job just fine.

The recipes below make 3 servings or a total of 6 cups each which is meant to last all day. I would recommend blending in the morning, drinking your breakfast smoothie right away and storing the other 2 servings in an air-tight container. These green pint-sized jars are my favorite!

Day 1: Go Super Green

Day 2: Beets & Greens & Berries…OH MY!

Day 3: Peaches & Green Smoothie

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