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My current obsession: this eco-friendly skin care brand

There was a time in my life that I actually spent a lot of money on getting my skin to look flawless.

I was getting ready for my wedding and it was a time in my life where I wanted everything to look perfect.  For 12 months prior to the big day, I went to see an esthetician regularly for exfoliation treatments, purchased what I thought were the best natural products available, and focused on consuming nutrient-dense foods. Thousands of dollars later and I could barely tell the difference in my skin. Thank goodness for makeup! My skin may not have looked like I wanted it to but the wedding turned out to be everything I’d ever dreamed of.  The marriage, however, did not.

Since graduating high school and going on “the pill”, I have experienced every type of skin condition you can think of.   My college and grad school days included symptoms of hormone imbalance, surviving on inflammatory foods, drinking more alcohol than any athlete should,  not getting enough sleep, loads of stress, frequent trips to the tanning bed and not taking care of myself.  All of that is a perfect cocktail for a terrible complexion.

Terrible, indeed.  I’ve experienced acne, sun spots, dry patches, fine lines, large pores, uneven texture and tone.  I’ve also tried a lot of products and at-home treatments that made my face breakout or left my complexion looking worse than it did before.  Since nothing worked, I decided that I would stop spending the money and stop using everything.  My skin care routine included occasionally washing my face with castile soap and applying an all-in-one lotion during winter months.  Sometimes.

I’ve always had dreams of having perfect skin but had no idea what I was doing.   I only wore sunscreen when I knew was going to be in the sun for a long time, washed my face with the same soap I used on my body, and slapped on some coconut oil here and there when my skin felt dry.   I stay hydrated and consume a lot of healthy fats, high-quality protein and vegetables so my diet really helps to lay the foundation for good skin but lately it doesn’t seem to be enough.

There are 2 things that I’ve never liked spending a lot of money on: skin care products and cosmetics.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup so that one is easy to avoid but I now that live in Colorado, the dry, sunny climate hasn’t been kind to my complexion.  After a few weeks in the elements, I began looking for a brand that met my high standards. These include:

  1. Products MUST made with all-natural ingredients and without toxic chemicals
  2. Products SHOULD NOT make my face breakout and SHOULD actually do what they claim to do
  3. Most of their products MUST be in eco-friendly packaging
  4. Products must be affordable

Recently, I started to notice a lot more fine lines on my face, dry spots and haven’t been thrilled about the large, clogged pores, uneven texture and general dullness. I eat healthy so shouldn’t my skin be glowing?

Turns out that eating healthy is only one part of the equation.  The other part is having a consistent skin care routine that works for my skin.  I turned to a brand that I had been following on Instagram for years because I knew they would meet most of my criteria. They had recently upgraded many of their non-toxic products to more eco-friendly packaging which I took as my sign to try them out.


Their products are made without chemicals and the majority of them come in eco-friendly packaging.  Plus, I now find that they are almost always having some kind of sale on their products so that makes them affordable to me.  But, do they actually work with my skin and give me the results I’m looking for?

After taking the skin quiz on their website, I eased into the brand’s product line with 3 items.

After using these products for a few days with my Clarisonic Mia Facebrush that I got from an esthetician years ago, I was HOOKED.   After a week, my face felt clean and smooth, and the dullness had noticeably turned to a subtle glow.

I now find myself looking forward to using my CN&DRTY products every morning and every night before I go to bed.  Consistent skin care routine with CLN&DRTY products has become an obsession of mine.  I’ve added a few more CLN&DRTY products to my inventory.  I’ll write about my routine in another post but in the mean time, you can use code HEALTHYGREEN10 to receive 10% off your order at

I finally found a line of products that meets all my criteria but there are more reasons why I love this brand.  First of all, I have a special admiration for the owner of the company, Paula Hoss.  I’ve only met her in person once but I see her on her Instagram stories every day. Paula has been through a lot and uses what she’s learned from her experiences to lift others up.    She believes in the power of self-love and everyone is beautiful regardless of their age, weight or ethnicity. She’s what I would call an amazing human.  This amazingness carries over into the way she runs her business as well as her messaging, branding and products.

Another reason why I love CLN&DRTY is because the company hails from my previous home of Massachusetts.  Even though I don’t live on the East Coast any more, I still like the chance to support local businesses in New England because the area holds a special place in my heart.

You can check out what Paula and her team are up to on Instagram or just head straight to the CLN&DRTY website to start shopping.  You won’t regret a single purchase but if for some reason you don’t like what you get, you can return it! (How awesome is that?!)

And don’t forget to use coupon code HEALTHYGREEN10 for 10% off!




Note: While this post does include affiliate links, I did not receive compensation to write this post.  I freaking love this brand so much and that I asked to be an ambassador for them.  One of the perks of that program is that I get to share a coupon code for you all to receive 10% off!  I hope you love their products just as much as I do.