• Mindset,  Nourish

    How I healed myself from physical and emotional trauma

    A few months ago I found myself at a point where I was overwhelmed, tired and worn out.  I had taken on additional duties in my full-time job, ramped up my training for volleyball, was working on growing 2 online businesses, exploring my new home in Colorado and trying to be a good girlfriend. I knew I was taking on too much and I’d have to pull back on something if I wanted to preserve my health and my sanity.    I knew that I was doing too much but everything that I was working toward was incredibly important to me so I just kept grinding away.   Not only was…

  • Let Go,  Mindset

    How I paid off $33k of debt in 18 months

    I’ve never really identified myself as someone who was good with money. The only formal “training” I’ve had was my microeconomics elective in undergrad and I got a C in the class. I was a bio major and a student-athlete on scholarship so while I enjoyed math, finance wasn’t really my jam. At that time I had a joint credit card with my dad for “emergencies” but didn’t really understand how that all worked because he was the one paying the bills every month.

  • Let Go,  Mindset

    My Word of 2020

    2019 was not my favorite. I came home one day to 3 inches of water in my basement – which was also where my bedroom happened to be. I finalized my divorce. I said goodbye to the most amazing dog I’ve ever met (RIP my beloved Otis). I spent countless hours for a month straight getting my condo ready to sell. That hard work (and $$$$$$) seemed to pay off because I accepted an offer after just 12 days. I sold all my furniture, streamlined my belongings to just my most prized possessions and moved from a 3-bedroom condo to a single room 40 miles closer to work. 6 days…