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What is The Healthy Green Life?

If you look up the term healthy in the dictionary, you’ll find a definition similar to: “in good health” where “health” refers to a state of emotional, physical and social well-being.  These terms that are used to describe the condition of a living thing are incredibly subjective because there are so many factors that come into play.  These factors include: diet, exercise, genetics, environment, and relationships.

The term “green” is more than just a color and is also used to describe a lifestyle which emphasizes eco-friendly practices or causing minimal harm to the natural environment.   Aside from it being a color and a type of lifestyle, green also has spiritual, psychological and symbolic significance.

In the field of psychology, the color green represents the color of renewal, balance and growth.  In the metaphysical realm, green represents the heart chakra and the color of love.   In interior design, green is often used to create the feeling of being connected with nature and of feeling safe and secure.

The healthy green life is one that is not only emphasizes abundant with things that nourish us such as real food, positive mindset, movement, love and nature but also one that seeks to reduce exposure to those things that pose a threat to our emotional and physical health such as unhealthy foods, stress, destructive habits, environmental toxins and toxic people.

This integrative approach to health combines principles from ancestral nutrition, sustainable living, social interactions, human movement and mindfulness.