About Karen

Hi, I'm Karen.

As an eco-friendly health-conscious aspiring minimalist I like to stay active, eat healthy, and do my part to save the world. I love to peruse thrift stores, pick up spare change on the ground, and am currently working on breaking up with single-use plastic. 

I grew up spending a lot of time outdoors and now that I’m adulting, I use nature as a means to stay grounded in this chaotic life of mine.

I’m currently living in Colorado with my boyfriend and we love going on hiking adventures in the Rocky Mountains. When I’m not side-hustling or working my full-time job as an environmental scientist you can find me training for or competing in sand volleyball tournaments.

Nature lover. Craft Project Unfinisher. Athlete. Food-a-holic.

As an environmental scientist, holistic health counselor and nutrition coach, my mission is to educate and empower people on how to nourish themselves, love others, and work together to protect our planet.
I envision a world where individuals not only nourish themselves but also do their part in protecting our planet.

I integrate principles from ancestral nutrition, eco-friendly and sustainable living, psychology, human movement and mindfulness.

Join me in the Healthy Green revolution!