30-Day Nutrition Program


(Program launches January 1, 2019)

It’s not just about food.  In this e-mail based program, you’ll learn how to cleanse, nourish and transform your life in 30 days!



Learn strategies for removing physical, emotional and chemical toxins in your body, home and life.


Learn how to nourish your body and mind and optimize healing food and lifestyle changes.


Learn how to upgrade your daily habits, achieve goals and transform different areas of your life.

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How Does It Work?
What’s Included?
Program Description
How Does It Work?


Every day you’ll receive an email with the day’s lesson.  Each lesson will include education materials suited for all types of learning.  In addition to educational content every day, you’ll receive meal plans, recipes, and discounts on Healthy Green Approved products.  Since the content is in email format, you’ll have access to the content for as long as you have the email.  

The content of the emails will be organized in three 10-day phases.  The first 10 days is the CLEANSE phase where you’ll learn how to reduce your exposure to anything in your life that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.  The second 10 days is the NOURISH phase where you’ll learn to replace some of those harmful toxins with things that nourish you instead.   The last phase is the TRANSFORM phase where you’ll learn how to implement the strategies you’ve learned and make lifestyle changes that will last.   

What’s Included?

You will receive daily emails with educational content and other tools, tips and tricks to help you succeed at accomplishing your health and fitness goals.  You’ll also receive a daily activity in order for me to track your progress in the course.  Those who complete all 30 activities within 60 days will receive a full refund! 

Program Description
Here are just some of the topics I will cover in each phase:Day 1 -10: CLEANSE

  • How Many Toxins Are You Being Exposed To?
  • Is Stress a Toxin? (Spoiler Alert: YES!)
  • The Dangers and Benefits of Detox Programs 
  • Examples of Safe and Effective Detox Programs
  • Ways to Detoxify Your Mind
  • Breaking Up with “Stuff”: Decluttering Your Home and Adopting a Minimalist Mindset 

Day 11-20: NOURISH

  • Your Perfect Diet
  • The Food We Eat: The Good, The Bad, and the You Decide
  • Foods That Heal: A Lesson From Our Ancestors
  • Eating Healthy on a Shoe-String Budget
  • The Effect of Stress on Digestion, Absorption and Utilization of Nutrients
  • Identifying Areas of Your Life That Need the Most Nourishment
  • Sources of Stress and Ways to Manage Them

Day 21-30: TRANSFORM

  • Understanding What Motivates You
  • Setting Attainable Goals (And Achieving Them!)
  • Keys to Physical Transformation 
  • Learning to Embrace Change 
  • The Perks of Living a Healthy Green Lifestyle

1-Time Investment


Are you ready to achieve your goals?

This program will give you the tools you need to accomplish your goals whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce inflammation, increase energy levels or all of the above. Plus, if you complete the entire program in less than 60 days, you’ll get your money back!


Program launches December 1, 2019

Enroll for $19.99*

*Unless you complete the program, then your investment is $0!

get your money back

Each daily email will include a simple activity to complete in order to track your progress.  Those who complete all 30 activities within 60 days of signing up will receive a full refund!